Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November

I have to say, November is my favorite time of year. Fall leaves, cool mornings, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. Ok, I really like my birthday. All growing up I remember being so excited the morning of my birthday because my mom would make me mickey mouse chocolate chip pancakes. I have to admit, I still make myself chocolate chip pancakes and that is a tradition I plan to pass on.

Well, now that my reminiscing is out of my system, I need some ideas. I want your idea for my next project. It can be a onesie design, a new hair/flower accessory, a t-shirt idea. Anything! I will pick one idea this month. Who ever came up with the idea I pick will win their idea FREE. Yay! So, either leave me a comment under this post or head on over to my facebook page and leave a comment under my BRAINSTORM post.

And while you're at it, enter my giveaway here for more free stuff. C'mon, who doesn't love free stuff!?

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